Baking expertise begins with solid foundational understanding.

In this online course, you’ll acquire targeted information about both core and secondary ingredients common to most baked goods, one simple module at a time. Work at your own pace, assess your understanding with pre- and post-tests, and gain the knowledge you need to further your baking career. Makes a great trio with companion courses Bread Manufacturing Process and Bread Troubleshooting. This course is also available in Spanish.

Offered on the LearningLab@AIB cloud platform!

After these courses you’ll understand:

  • How core ingredients like flour, salt, and water contribute to final products
  • What secondary ingredients such as oxidizing agents and emulsifiers do
  • The effects of over- or under-use of both core and secondary ingredients

Enrollment Information

Enrollments are accepted any time; students complete the work on their own schedule.  Following the course, there will be a post-test. Those who score 80% or higher will receive a document of completion. Complete the course at your own pace within a 3 year window.

Function of Ingredients, 0.7 CEUs


Function of Ingredients

Upon Enrollment$660.00