Gain FDA's nod of approval with a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) and a FSMA-compliant food safety plan at your FDA-registered facility!

AIB International has joined forces with the Kansas State University Department of Grain Science and Industry's IGP Institute to present this 3-day FSMA-focused course.

The first 2.5 days, our FSPCA-trained lead instructors prepare you to meet FDA's new Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) requirement included in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Learn to develop and apply risk-based preventive controls that meet FSMA's requirements for a complete food safety system.

The afternoon of day 3 you'll learn how to transition from HACCP to a FSMA-compliant food safety plan. Our tips will help you modify your current HACCP plan to meet FSMA's food safety plan requirements as you reconcile differences, fill the gaps, and transition to an audit-ready food safety plan. Your improved plan will address additional hazards, assign appropriate preventive controls (process, allergen, sanitation, supply-chain, other) and provide justification, and identify responsible parties.

You'll also enjoy a tour of the IGP grain mill facility and learn more about their program.

Who will benefit from this FSMA-focused seminar?

Individuals whose grain mill facilities produce human food - especially QA managers, HACCP practitioners, food safety coordinators, plant managers, and others responsible for overseeing their company's food safety plan - will not want to miss this course. Senior management, HACCP teams, qualified individuals, and those in charge of regulatory compliance will find the practical tips they need to apply FSMA's preventive controls requirements to their HACCP plans.

Download FSPCA's worksheets to document your product description, hazard analysis, and preventive controls.

After this course you'll understand more about:

  • Creating a food safety plan (HARPC plan)
  • Validating preventive controls
  • Reviewing records for implementation and effectiveness
  • Reviewing corrective actions
  • Performing required reanalysis
  • Applying FDA guidance documents to your product and process
  • Aligning HACCP's preliminary steps with the HARPC Food Safety Plan
  • Reassessing your existing HACCP hazard analysis to address additional requirements under HARPC
  • Management components of identified preventive controls
  • Requirements for food safety plan implementation records
  • Records retention and availability requirements

Upon completion of the course, you can print a copy of your certificate issued by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) to show that you've completed FDA-recognized PCQI training.

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