Don't let limited experience get in the way of an effective baking industry career.

Take ownership of your impact in the baking industry, no matter how big or small it may be. This on-demand webinar series designed with new bakers and non-bakers in mind provides insight about ingredients and processes needed to make many of today's popular baked goods. Discover the processes used to produce a wide variety products including: pan breads, flour tortillas, batter cakes, sweet dough products, and doughnuts. 

Don't let limited industry experience hold you back from making a lasting impact. You'll learn how to listen and respond effectively to customers and colleagues, understand the language bakers use, and discover the unique production problems bakers face.

This webinar series will help you:

  • Learn what bakers expect from suppliers, variables that impact product quality, and the language used in the baking profession.
  • Understand how ingredients, equipment, and processes used to produce breads, cakes, tortillas, doughnuts, and other sweet goods function together and impact product quality.
  • Define quality and know how to score a baked product’s internal and external characteristics. 

Select individual webinars related to your unique interests. Or purchase the entire series to take the course exam and receive a certificate of completion. 

Discover the webinars that await below!

Baking Lingo - 36 minutes

Discover the most common terms and concepts used in today's baking industry.

Bread Ingredients - 100 minutes

Learn how ingredients used in bread production function together and impact the product quality.

Bread Processing - 59 minutes

Dive deep into pan bread processing conditions and equipment used for mixing, fermentation, make-up, proofing, baking, cooling, slicing and packaging.

Dough Systems - 53 minutes

Learn about different dough systems used to produce baked goods.

Flour Tortillas- 32 minutes

Review ingredient ranges, formulation, quality characteristics, and various processes used to produce flour tortillas.

Sweet Doughs - 27 minutes

Relate formulation, processing methods, and equipment used to make sweet dough products.

Laminated Doughs - 36 minutes

Explore the ingredients, formulation, lamination techniques, and processing techniques for croissants, Danish and puff pastry.

Batter Cakes - 55 minutes

Learn how cake ingredients function and how mixing, depositing, and baking impact product quality. You'll understand the importance of specific gravity for cake production.

Cake Doughnuts - 44 minutes

Grasp how ingredients, formulation, and processing impact cake doughnut quality.

Yeast-Raised Doughnuts - 47 minutes

Discover yeast-raised doughnut formulation, ingredients, and processing control points.

Product Evaluation - 40 minutes

Identify what bakers evaluate in their finished products for consistency in flavor, color and volume .

Upon enrollment, you will have 3 years to access the webinars. You may view them as many times as you like during this period. Gain immediate access by clicking through the "My Enrollments" tab after making your purchase. If you’d rather view the webinars later, we will also send an email with access instructions for your reference.

Who should sign up?

This course was created with non-bakers in mind! Anyone new to the baking industry without prior bakery experience will find this series to be the crash course they need to launch their careers. Anyone employed in the baking industry as accountants, office support staff, equipment suppliers, purchasing agents, sales representatives, maintenance technicians, etc. will gain a basic understanding of the industry to respond effectively to customers and understand the unique problems of bakery production.

Technical Requirements:


Baking Basics: Flour Tortillas SALE - Regularly $59

Upon Enrollment$44.00

Baking Basics: Sweet Doughs SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Laminated Doughs SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Cakes SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Cake Doughnuts SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics Webinar Series SALE - Regularly $599

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Baking Basics: Product Evaluation: Scoring Bakery Products SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Bread Ingredients SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Bread Processing SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Dough Systems SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Baking Lingo SALE - Regularly $59

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Baking Basics: Yeast Raised Doughnuts SALE - Regularly $59

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