Food Safety Audits

Entrust your food safety audit needs to AIB International, your partner in developing and maintaining effective food safety programs.

AIB provides a comprehensive list of audits and inspections, including our globally-recognized GMP Inspection, custom audits, and certifications.

AIB’s GMP inspections, based on a widely-recognized set of Consolidated Standards that describe the requirements of a superior food safety program, are recognized by food companies as a measure of world-class programs that qualify for business worldwide.

AIB audits are backed by more than 60 years of experience in the field for food manufacturing, beverages, ingredients and packaging. AIB conducts audits in more than 120 countries ranging from multinationals to small, independent producers.

Every auditor receives extensive classroom and practical experience before conducting an audit. Staff training is updated every year to maintain the highest quality of professionalism.

FS•360 AIB Food Safety Evaluation

AIB's Intensified Food Safety Evaluation and Education

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