The help you need transitioning from Issue 6 to Issue 7 and implementing requirement changes.

BRC recently published Issue 7 of its Global Standard for Food Safety and certification audits against the new issue began July 1, 2015. Issue 7 brings both changed clauses and new requirements, focusing on food fraud, traceability and supplier management. This 1-day private training session is geared toward technical staff from sites that are currently certified to BRC Food Standard Issue 6 and need to become familiar with changes in Issue 7 so they can be implemented before their next audit. Prior to attending, review a copy of the BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 7, which is available as a free download or purchased guide on the BRC Website. Bring your copy of the Standard with you to the course for reference. Participants will receive a BRC Certificate and CEUs upon completion. We highly recommend students take one of our HACCP courses before enrolling in this course. 

After this training session you’ll know how to:

  • Successfully implement and maintain the changes to the Issue 7 requirements
  • Recognize changes to the audit protocol
  • Navigate BRC Participate, the new user-service from BRC
  • Perform tasks required by specific clauses in the Standard

Bundle with a BRC Gap Assessment for added value!

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