Food Defense Services

AIB International Food Defense provides food facilities with the tools, products, and services that facilitate compliance with the FDA’s statement that an effective food defense program that prevents intentional food contamination is as important to overall food safety as a fully functioning program that protects against unintentional contamination.

AIB’s professional Food Defense staff can provide:
  • Vulnerability Assessments that identify risks and weaknesses of an existing food facility with recommendations for improvements
  • An audit of your food defense plan against recognized standards.
  • Help developing your own Food Defense Plan based on a valid vulnerability assessment, including coordination of required security protection equipment, testing of the plan, and evaluating your recall strategies
  • Training at regularly scheduled seminars or through training customized to meet your unique requirements.
Free seminar for Food Defense Coordinators on August 14, 2014: Security Penetration Test: 10 Critical Areas to Test Your Facility Security Resiliency and Readiness

NEW! Food Defense Support Pack

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