Inspection Only

Identify and resolve food safety issues

Inspection Only is a great option for anyone looking for an inspection activity to complement an existing document-focused certification audit. During this non-scored inspection, one of our food safety professionals will spend 100% of the visit on the floor.

What is it?

Inspection Only is a detailed, non-scored inspection of your entire food facility - including processing areas, product storage areas, support areas, and exterior grounds - focused on Good Manufacturing Practices.

This inspection is based on the AIB Consolidated Standards and includes a targeted report that outlines top line issues in detail. There is limited or no documentation review. Documents are reviewed only when required by the audit trail.

Our professional staff will discuss the inspection findings and identified risks with you as the inspection progresses and suggest opportunities for improvement and corrective actions.

Who needs it?

Supplement your existing certification audit with Inspection Only the perfect kickstart for facilities that are new to food safety audits and inspections, as well as those in developing markets. It also benefits facilities that are already receiving thorough documentation audits and need an additional service to provide a thorough site inspection.

Supplement your existing certification audit with Inspection Only a non-redundant product that focuses on inspection rather than paperwork and seeks collaboration with clients in identifying and resolving food safety issues.

Schedule Your Inspection

You can schedule your Inspection Only service by calling your local office or email us