Food Safety 360 Evaluation (FS•360)

Targeted inspection. Solutions that work.

Focus on particular areas and solve specific problems with this consultative, unscored evaluation of your on-the-floor food safety practices. Your FS•360 evaluation can include third-shift inspections, perform downtime inspections (including weekends), or focus only on specific areas of your facility. It’s the perfect solution for plants looking to troubleshoot a specific issue.

FS•360 can be a stand-alone offering or paired with other audits, customized specifically for each client depending on needs. Our professionals will help identify issues and recommend solutions you can apply.

Partnering With You 

You determine the scope of the FS•360 evaluation. Full participation and collaboration is critical to success. 

FS•360 is both consultative and educational in nature. However, you direct how much focus is directed toward consultation, education, or some other purpose.

Feedback You Can Use

FS•360 is spent on the floor investigating and evaluating specific issues or problem areas. Our professionals can provide a small-scale report at your request. Often our clients use these reports for internal training.

Schedule Your Evaluation 

You can schedule your evaluation by calling your local office or email us