Doug Markham

Director, People Processes

Doug Markham, Director, People Processes, joined AIB in September 2012. Prior to joining AIB, Markham served in multiple human resources roles of progressive responsibility at Via Christi Health Systems and within the manufacturing division of Frito Lay, Inc. He also served as a co-op board agent for the National Labor Relations Board. At AIB, he leads the people agenda for all global operations.

Markham is an active member of several professional organizations, including the American Baker’s Association Labor Affairs Committee, the Society of Human Resources, the Human Resources Management Network, and the Labor and Industrial Relations Association. He also serves on the workforce effectiveness committee for Manhattan’s Chamber of Commerce, and recently joined Kansas State University’s Executive Mentorship Program for students.

Markham received a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology from Kansas State University and a master’s in human resources and industrial relations (MHRIR) from the University of Illinois.

One-on-One with Doug Markham

Who helped define and shape your career path as it progressed?
Two people from my professional past have significantly impacted my career.
Dick Hammons, former Region VP at Frito Lay, was a manufacturing manager that could easily intimidate a room. I was shocked when he asked for and was genuinely interested in my opinion as a 23-year-old new hire. He believed in me and gave me a confidence that was invaluable in my early career. I credit Dick with providing me the two best pieces of professional advice that I have ever received:

  • Never confuse effort with results!
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get to the last job you will ever have.

Erica Chapman, Sr. Director Human Resources at Frito Lay, is the most influential mentor throughout my career. She would say, “We have many things to juggle here. You can let the rubber balls bounce every now and again, but you have to keep the glass balls in the air.” Whenever I gave her the “I screwed up!” look, she would ask, “Glass or rubber ball?” If the answer was glass, we interrupted all other activities and built a plan together to solve the issue. If it was rubber, she would tell me to go find a solution and follow up with her the next day. She understood that her success was dependent upon my success. She invested in me and extended trust to me. She challenged me by putting me in new and sometimes difficult situations. She was the best developer of talent that I have ever worked for.

Why should someone want to work at AIB International?
Our Food Safety Professionals develop deep technical skill sets that are unrivaled in the industry. You will be in and out of 100 food manufacturing facilities across all categories every year. You will learn from facilities that do a great job with food safety as well as those that do a poor job. Our professional staff gain a competitive advantage from these experiences that is invaluable along their career paths.

Our baking professionals find that their scope of influence across the entire industry is expanded and enhanced so that they are able to transfer technical skills and knowledge past their specific shift, product line, or facility. We provide opportunities for you to help train the next generation of future industry leaders.

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