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Q: What is Food Safety Essentials? 

A: Food Safety Essentials is an online training program designed to present the basics of the GMPs, HACCP, and all other aspects of food safety. The program was designed with line workers, temporary workers, and hourly personnel in mind.

Q: How does Food Safety Essentials (FSE) differ from AIB's other distance learning, online, and seminar offerings? 
A: It is an entry-level course written in a way that allows students to easily grasp and apply concepts. This subscription is priced for training a group on multiple topics.

Q: When can students take courses? 
A: Access is available 24/7, making it easy for any shift to participate.

Q: Who is the program administrator? 
A: The program administrator is the person at your plant who is able to enroll students, assign courses, and access student grades and transcripts. This duty can be filled by HR personnel, plant managers, training coordinators, or whoever would be best suited for the job at your facility.

Q: As the program administrator, what tools can I use? 
A: The program administrator will be able to view details of student participation, assign specific courses to employees, and access student grades and transcripts. Since all test grades are automatically recorded, you are able to access up-to-date training documents and save time.

Q: If I subscribe for and enroll nine students, but two quit before they complete all the FSE courses, will I be able to replace them or do I have to buy more student seats? 
A: If the students who quit have not accessed a course, you can replace them with two more students. However, if a student reviews any course, that seat will be considered used and you will not be able to reuse it.

Q: If I subscribe for 5 employees and want to add a few more, will my fee increase? 
A: Not until you reach 10 students. The subscription rate for from 1-9 students is the same.

Q: If I subscribe for 9 employees and add 1, will my fee go up? Will I pay the difference or will I pay the total subscription fee for 10-24? 
A: If you originally purchase the subscription for 1-9 students ($300), then decide to add another student later, your subscription status will change to the 10-24 student rate ($725). You will have to pay the difference between the two tiers, which is $425.

Q: How much does this training cost? 
A: This training is sold in annual subscription packages. Rates vary depending on the number of students you wish to train. See the cart options for the rate breakdown.

Q: Do students get a certificate of completion? 
A: After students pass a post-test, they will be allowed to print a certificate online. Program administrators can also print each student’s certificate.

Q: Do students get CEUs (Continuing Education Units) when they complete the courses? 
A: There are no CEUs awarded for this training.

Q: How long do students have to complete the training program? 
A: Students will have access to all courses for the 12-month subscription period. Subscriptions are sold on an annual basis and are subject to renewal and billing each year.

Q: How many courses are included in this training program? 
A: Food Safety Essentials includes 15 courses:


Course Title:

Total Training Time:


GMPs and You

60-90 minutes


HACCP It’s a Critical Point

25-35 minutes

Allergen Control

Allergen Control – Someone’s Life Depends on It

30-45 minutes

Food Defense

Food Defense on the Front Line

25-30 minutes

Foreign Material Control

Foreign Material - What Doesn’t Belong

30-60 minutes

Cleaning Practices and Master Cleaning Schedules

When Clean Means Clean

45-60 minutes

Recognizing and Controlling Pests

How You Can Help Recognize and Control Pests

60-75 minutes

Basic Microbiology

What You Need to Know About Bacteria

30-45 minutes

Building Maintenance

Built for Safety

30-60 minutes

Outside Grounds

Outside Grounds - Not Out of Bounds!

30-60 minutes

Equipment Maintenance

Designed for Quality

30-45 minutes

Temperature Control

Temperature Control – Don’t Spoil It for Everyone

30-45 minutes

Incoming Material Inspections

The First Line of Defense

30-60 minutes

Storage Practices

The Ins and Outs of Inventory

30-60 minutes

Traceability and Recall

Keeping Track to Get it Back

30-45 minutes

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